Game Session Sketches

Back when I was doing some work for Adventurer's Vault I got a copy of the D&D 4E style guide. I thought some of the ideas for the new dwarves were interesting, so when it came time for my group to try 4E my character was a female dwarf fighter, who I sketched during a couple of sessions:

Some time later I was talking with William O'Connor (Website Blog Dracopedia) who had done a lot of concept work for 4E. He told me they had made a concerted effort to make female dwarves interesting to players -- research had shown they were played even less than monster races.

So I guess their new marketing targeted me. I'm always surprised when that happens.


  1. Rather cool, especially the dynamic bottom sketch.
    Have you ever seen a Korean manga called Shaman Warrior? I think it's with Dark Horse or maybe Image, but it has some great action shots.

  2. Thanks, Tom. The top page was very much about figuring the character out, and in the bottom page I tried to do something fun.

    I haven't seen Shaman Warrior, no, but I 'll check out the previews on Dark Horse's site. Thanks. (I actually have basically no exposure to comics or manga. I'm not sure how that happened.)

  3. Interesting. Is the style guide public? Or jus' something that artists get when they work on projects for DnD?

  4. No exposure to comics or manga? That's too bad, you should change that.

  5. Roy,

    I'm not sure what they were actually planning to do with the style guide. I got it poking around on the ftp server while turning in some other finals -- I don't recall an art director ever sending it to me. Odd.