Today's Token Thumbs

My schedule loosens up a bit next week, but until then some new thumbnails is really all I can offer. I may still consider it a victory, however small.


Some Older Sketches

Sorry for the dead air. Here's a page of sketches from earlier in the year.


Still progressing

Of late my sketchbook efforts have just been flailing, with nothing fun or interesting to show. So I took a break from them to work this piece up some more.


Triceratops in the Morning

Because I missed my flight to Greece I was free to join my wife and kids for a play group triceratops dig. We -- my wife and I -- hadn't had time to make the whole skeleton, but what we had held up to being buried, walked on, and dug up surprisingly well.

The kids came down on the foreleg first then worked toward the tail, which made for a good reveal when they went back for the skull.

Most Embarrassing -- and Publicly -- Blown Deadline

I was up early this morning getting ready to travel. My phone was ringing when I finished my shower, but I missed it. Oddly, it was an international call, and I'd missed two of them. I got a text while I checked my email. My flight was early and Michael was afraid he'd missed me.

Wait, what? My flight is today. He must have mistaken my arrival date for.... Oh. Oh! Drat.

So, this time I really screwed up, and I'm afraid I won't actually be in Athens this week. Sorry. Ridicule is expected, and certainly warranted. On the plus side, I should be able to catch up on work.

EC Bound

In a few hours I'll be heading to Athens for the L5R European Championships. I'm sure they have the internet in Greece, but you should all still expect me to be incommunicative. More than usual, even.