Earthquake Dragon Re-Revision

I put some more time into the Earthquake Dragon. I really wanted to get back some of the texture in the dust cloud, and I did a few other things too.

Revisions: Bullywug and Earthquake Dragon

First is my revised bullywug piece. I lightened the near toad's face and throat, and clarified some of the middle and background's value schemes (or something like that. It's been a couple of weeks. What Jeremy said). I also toned down the diagonals pointing into the corners.

Below that is my revised Earthquake Dragon. I posted the original version back in July. Flipping between the two now I seem to have edited out some of my favorite parts of the original. I guess another revisit is in order.


Playmats? Indeed!

Just a quick note: at long last, my playmats are available. I'm offering both gaming cloth and foam backed mats. More at http://www.drewbaker.com/playmats.asp


Ninja Bullywug!

I did this piece for Dungeon Magazine a while back. (Jon schindehette featured it on his blog if you want to see a larger version.) This week it faced the harsh eye of a Ninja Mountain critique. How did it fare? You'll have to listen to episode 44 to find out! Or wait for me to put up a post-critique version after the episode is released.


I'm terrible at doing daily warm ups. I'm not great with maintaining a schedule, but at warm ups I'm truly terrible. Today I decided to sketch through an episode of Windows Weekly. It's been a while since my Drow/Mindflayer piece and I thought it could be fun to touch on D&D again.