Character thumbs

The third of these really has the mood I was after (imagine gaunt cheeks and a graying beard). However, I wanted to have more action to the piece, so the search continued.


More Gridded Sketches

Playing around with some painting ideas while in Canada. I'm pretty sure I went into these sketches thinking one square would equal six inches. Because, obviously, I have nothing to keep me from doing a 3.5x7 foot painting this spring.


Back From GAnime

I'm back from GAnime, and had a fine time. The people were friendly, and though sometimes taken aback by my complete lack of ability with French, quite patient about it. One might go so far as to say friendly, even.

Special thanks to Luc, Frederick, Roxane, Stephanie, Andrew, Christina, Vincent, Phillip, Marc, Jean, Simon, Mike, and Doctor Who. Also to everyone who came to my panels and got to see, in turn, some of my terrible early work, and some tricks I've addopted to make my work faster and less terrible.