ArtOrder Drow vs Mindflayer

Here's my piece for the Drow vs Mindflayer challenge over at Jon's blog. I think it turned out pretty well. It came together pretty smoothly, which was nice.

I've also included my (slightly refined from the original) sketch, since I think that sort of thing is interesting.


One Giant Leap...

... so then I thought, "If you're going through the trouble to take the elephant to the moon so it can jump and caper about, go ahead and give it the mission commander's stripe to really make its day."


Earthquake Dragon

I recently decided to be a part of the art projects Jon Schindehette is running over on his blog. This was for the Earthquake Dragon challenge that recently wrapped up. I've got an idea I'm fond of for the current Drow/Mindflayer challenge. We'll see if it works out.


More centaur sketching

Another centaur sketch, and it looks like I was able to repair my scanner. That's nice.

Also, the Anguillian -- which I illustrated in Stormwrack, my first D&D project -- was recently called the #2 most retarded D&D monster. Be aware there are many profanities: page 2 of the article here.



A Hida Kisada sketch for a fan in Brazil.


Snowy Mountain

I believe this one was in Henry's sketchbook. I thought a touch of Star Wars would be fun. Pardon the camera noise.


Centaur doodle 3

Another centaur. I tried sketching some up on my tablet PC, but for this sort of thing pencil and paper are still much more natural. If only scanning weren't a pain.


Centaur doodle 2

Most of yesterday's studio time went to revisiting abandoned paintings. They're still not presentable, so here's another centaur.