GenCon 09 Award

Omar Rayyan made it clear it was his doing that my little dragon painting won the 1st Place Award at the GenCon art show. Thanks to Jon Schindehette and Steve Belledin for letting him have his way.

(Sorry it took so long to get a photo. Think of this as a dramatization, in the fine tradition of Unsolved Mysteries.)


Yet Another Got Away

For quite a while I thought I'd be able to miraculously pull this piece together for GenCon as an 18"x48" oil painting. I see now I've let my chance for that pass, probably two days ago. That's the price of goofing off.

With any luck I'll still be able to work it up digitally, bring prints, and revisit it with oils some time in the future.


Another sketch

My commission ratio of lightsabers to protol droids is nearly down to 3:1, so I thought I'd try to nudge back in the proper direction.

I'm not really sure where I was heading with this one, but I kind of like where it ended up.


Hanging Around

After binging on the Mindflayer I wanted a break from creature and fantasy stuff.