Upcoming Appearances

My 2010 travel season starts early this year. Here's what I have planned for the next handful of months. I'll be glad for anyone who stops in to say hello.

February 6-7: G-Anime 2010, Gatineau, QC Canada

March 6: Feeding Hills Kotei, Feeding Hills, MA USA

March 13-14: Tacoma Kotei, Lakewood, WA USA

April 3-4: Iron Samurai XP4, Calgary, AB and Saskatoon, SK Canada

June 26: Utah Kotei, Orem, UT USA


Cat Oni Attack!

I believe it was at the Aldershot Kotei in 2008 I talked with Mark Wooten about this piece. He had a drawing by his son Drew, and we thought it would be fun to take the design and work it up as a piece for an L5R card. I took some liberty with the design, but I think it's turned out well in the end. Hopefully Mark and Drew like it.


Ninja Party

We recently recorded another episode for the Ninja Mountain Scrolls podcast. Beyond congratulating me on entry into the elitist cabal, we also talked about about these five pieces:

Mick Collins' Terrible Lizards

Jeff Johnson's Fire From Above

Nick Egberts' Lich Knight

Melissa Hitchcock's Vampire Hunters

Chris Burdett's Barbarian Essentials

Because it's such an easy thing to do I turned to doodling, so much of my contribution is these paint overs. Expect larger versions in the show notes, and hopefully some idea what I was thinking will come through the audio. More likely you'll discover I nicked any good ideas from Jeremy, Patrick, and Socar.