Working on Progress

I finally got back to this piece during an ensemble Ninja Mountain episode, and got in another 30 minutes talking with Torstein Nordstrand after the recording. He was up late waiting to hear back from someone in California, so I didn't feel bad that I was keeping him up.


  1. ah, now I understand. Looking good. Is this going to be sepia or is this the base for a full color image?

  2. Thanks, Joe. My hope is to finish this in oils. I'm taking my time, obviously.

  3. Here's a question, how do get your sketch from here to canvas or board? Also is this going to be the promised 7ft high piece?

  4. My plan for this is a much more modest 2x3 feet.

    I've never been a big fan of working on canvas, but it should be a fairly simple matter of getting a canvas print made, stretched, and sealed to paint on. I'll print my drawing onto 230gsm/14Mil, 100% cotton, acid-free inkjet paper, mount it on a panel, and seal it with acrylic medium.

    I first learned about mounting a print on a panel from Donato Giancola. He's got a page about his technique here. He doesn't mention that he's started countering the expansion distortion by asynchronously shrinking his image before printing, so after the paper soaks the drawing size and proportions are correct. Randy Gallegos has a video of his slightly different technique (PVA glue vs. acrylic medium) on his blog here, if you'd rather watch a video than read. I'll do my best to answer any questions, but trying it a couple of times will probably give you everything I know on the subject.

    Lots of copy and print shops have large format printers and any with pigmented inks would be fine for the job, though many shops may not be comfortable running heavy paper through them.