Chicago, Pre-Milkshake

During the second half of the inaugural podcast from the Drawn Today Blog Aaron Miller mentioned my joining his drawing session while I was in Chicago. Here are a couple of quick sketches from the session. I did feel much better after the milkshake, though.


  1. Yeah, I'm a big fan of life drawing! It has helped me break some of the stereotypes of my drawing and increased my observation so that when I draw from 'imagination' I have a much bigger mental library to call upon and get more variation in my figures.
    These are great and yes, drawing is hard work so get your sustenance! :)
    Thanks for sharing. PS I have some recent life drawings on my blog if you want to check them oot

  2. ha! I'm sure that nap did you a wonder of good.

  3. It did, Aaron, though Julian was a bit taken aback by my sudden appearance, looming down over him.

    Tom: Those are some nice drawings, but wow, that's a lot of red. It's almost hard to look at. Are they that vibrant in real life? That would be really hard for me to work on.

    It's been a long time since I've done life drawing, I'm sorry to say. There's an area store that has open sessions, but they're on the evenings we almost always have family plans.

  4. Confession: yeah I levelled the images up a bit for the interweb (probably about 5-10%), so in reality there's a bit more of the brown paper coming through. I like working on a broken up surface- it helps with getting my proportions right... I get a bit lost in great swathes of white. Still my drawing has really come along in the last 6-8 months because of life drawing and helps in getting it down quickly... these were less than 10 mins actually so you have to be ruthless with the mark making:)
    Yeah my drawing group is my one night out in the week from family duty lol.