Talking about myself. What could be easier?

Two things:

1: Next weekend, January 21-23, 2011, I will be a guest at Running Gagg at SUNY Geneseo. I'll be giving a couple of seminars late Friday and Saturday afternoons. The organizers have asked for the standard fare -- starting out,experiences, process, painting demo, those sorts of things. I was wondering if anyone had any questions they'd like answered, or topics that they'd like me to cover. What gets missed or glazed over in convention talks like this? If you're an illustrator, what do you wish you had heard starting out?

2: When I started my blog the plan was to only talk about work I did on my own, for myself. From my sporadic updates it would seem I'm not really doing a lot on my own, so I think I'll open things up to more work-work. I'm hoping that will make it easier for me to find interesting things to say -- or at least show.


  1. Hey Drew:
    1)stories of your early mistakes are always insightful (sorry), also what businesses and ADs have learned from working with you (may take some research)
    2)don't care who it's for, I just like reading about your processes, thoughts and techniques.

    PS I am whoring out for comments on the last couple of pieces on my blog, so if you have time drop by :)

  2. Thanks, Tom. I'm glad you think stories about my mistakes are helpful. It would be easy to keep them to myself, and I can understand why people would, but I think it's probably the most help I can give anyone less experienced than me.

    If only my mistakes were confined to early in my career...

    I'll take a look. Thanks!