GenCon Post

The titular "post" in this case leaning toward "the station or rounds of a person on duty." This was my table in this year's GenCon art show. (Shooting at f/2 with the available light made for quite a shallow depth of field. Sorry about that. Next time I'll try a flash.)

This year I wanted to emphasize my paintings -- which were mostly new -- and my playmats. The playmats would easily take all the table space I could get, but I also wanted to have paintings on the table, where people could get a close look at them. While sketching some display ideas it struck me I could use an LCD desk mount. (I also considered extending the tabletop for more display surface, but let that idea go for another time.)

I think they worked admirably. The paintings were convenient for passers-by to see, were secure, and didn't interfere with looking through the piles of mats on the table.

The LCD arms I used are model 5402 from MonoPrice.com
I've also been asked about my panel extenders. They, along with the stiffeners and support bar, are from ProPanels.com. The GenCon panels are 38.5" wide, with dark grey carpet, if you're looking to match.


  1. That's an impressive amount of planning. It was great to see your paintings-I wish I had more time to really get a good look at them. Great stuff. I like the dragon one in particular.

  2. As an aside, have you thought of having an actual monitor to cycle through images in a slideshow? ok you need a computer there, but if you have lots of stuff to show, maybe that's an option? I'm assuming there's an eklectricity supply.
    PS I had no idea some of these pieces were so big! I hope it was the success you'd hoped..ie you outsold Jeremy :)

  3. Thanks, Matt. I still have a lot to learn. Actually, how do you reproduce your paintings? Do you scan them, photograph them, or have them scanned/shot for you? That's something I'm going to have to start doing well.

    Thanks, Tom. I've seen some people use a monitor like that, but I think my book of big prints works well enough. (It's on the right side of my table.) I've learned over the years I actually have to be careful not to show too much, lest I overwhelm with choices.

    The three biggest images behind me -- with the white borders -- were prints. They're about 90cmx60cm (36"x24").

  4. Drew,
    As for repro, sepends on the size. If its small enough to where I can scan it on my 9"x12" scanner and piece it together in photoshop. If its bigger I take it to a place with an oversize scanner or just get it shot digitally.

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