More Gridded Sketches

Playing around with some painting ideas while in Canada. I'm pretty sure I went into these sketches thinking one square would equal six inches. Because, obviously, I have nothing to keep me from doing a 3.5x7 foot painting this spring.


  1. Ooh I really like the attitude of the second row, second across... it would make a great 7ft painting- hurry up then!hup-2-3, skates on!
    PS I thank you for your input on my rust piece- It's working a bit better now :)

  2. I like the second one over on the top and the one right below it. I agree, they would make great 7 foot paintings.

    Mmm, 7 foot paintings... =P

  3. Tom: Thanks. I'm glad I could help with your Rust piece -- I'm sorry I forgot to subscribe to the comment thread, so you had to tell me here. Oops.

    Anna: Now to get over the minor hurdles of when and how. Easy, right?

  4. Have you, and i'm speaking to all artists that read these comments, find difficulty getting galleries/clients to accept such large (7-foot-paintings) after they are created in the north? I ask because I have two friends of mine in Houston, TX and in Tennessee who are fans of producing large pieces but they find themselves in the unfortunate position of being unable to share/having to store the pieces in an attack while they work on more "customary" sizes that help them survive.

    I also can imagine the costs associated with sheer raw materials have to be much more expensive on the whole. Just curious.

    On topic: Great sketch work. I, like Anna love the detail in the first row, second panel.

  5. Thanks, Arglor.

    I don't have any experience with paintings that large since my student days, but it does concern me. Most of my work is pretty conveniently suitcase sized, so I'm not sure how I would move a 7 foot painting around.

    Anyone else have experience with it?