Ninja Party

We recently recorded another episode for the Ninja Mountain Scrolls podcast. Beyond congratulating me on entry into the elitist cabal, we also talked about about these five pieces:

Mick Collins' Terrible Lizards

Jeff Johnson's Fire From Above

Nick Egberts' Lich Knight

Melissa Hitchcock's Vampire Hunters

Chris Burdett's Barbarian Essentials

Because it's such an easy thing to do I turned to doodling, so much of my contribution is these paint overs. Expect larger versions in the show notes, and hopefully some idea what I was thinking will come through the audio. More likely you'll discover I nicked any good ideas from Jeremy, Patrick, and Socar.


  1. Welcome to Ninja Mountain Drew,its clear you are contributing mightily already to the wonderous N.M Podcast.Nice critique, All the best in 2010! :)

  2. Thanks, ATOM. All the best for your new year as well.

  3. They made you a regular, Drew?! Dear lord, they must really be fishing the bottom of the barrel...
    Seriously, you've got a great face for radio... I mean... er...
    Loved the last couple episodes you were on :)

  4. (Lest the rest of the internet misunderstand, Chris and I have been friends longer than not. Meaning more than half my life. How depressing is that, Chris?)

    Not just a face for radio, but also a voice for mime. I'm like the anti-Helen Keller.

  5. Oh, Drew, I see that as reassuring, not depressing. You're a constant! Like Planck's!