Extra Lines

Last week at Borders I bought a Piccadilly graph paper notebook. The first few pages were used for estimating dye sublimation printing costs, nesting said dye sub images on fabric, and ideas for a game for my daughter's 5th birthday party that we didn't have time to make. Then I got to sketching in it, and it wasn't bad. The graph lines are a bit darker than I'd like, but once I got going they weren't disruptive.


  1. I have noticed said note book in pocket where er you go..... My kids think you are the coolest ever, I am going to agree that you and your family make for very enjoyable neighbors.
    You should finish the game, we could help test play it! I hope we do not completely overwhelm you with our presence, I'm sure things where simple not so very long ago. :)

  2. I do my best to carry it with me -- much like a camera, the best sketchbook is the one you have with you to use -- but it's a little tricky with at least half of it sticking out of my pocket.