Yet Another Got Away

For quite a while I thought I'd be able to miraculously pull this piece together for GenCon as an 18"x48" oil painting. I see now I've let my chance for that pass, probably two days ago. That's the price of goofing off.

With any luck I'll still be able to work it up digitally, bring prints, and revisit it with oils some time in the future.


  1. Is this piece availible for prints? I saw it at Gen Con but kept missing you.

  2. Thanks, Victor, I'm glad you like it. The quickest way to buy it through my site would be to order The Emerald Champion's Mempo in the size you'd like, and email me if you'd prefer I not sign it. (I had an 18x36 print hanging, but will send that to you if you order 18x24. Unless you tell me not to.)

    I use that piece as my order stand in because no one will ever buy it. If you'd like to work out other arrangements just email me -- drew@drewbaker.com