Earthquake Dragon

I recently decided to be a part of the art projects Jon Schindehette is running over on his blog. This was for the Earthquake Dragon challenge that recently wrapped up. I've got an idea I'm fond of for the current Drow/Mindflayer challenge. We'll see if it works out.


  1. Hey Drew... This was one of my favorites... NICE!

  2. Thanks, Alan.

    You were spot on about there needing to be more design for the dragon. I would have liked more time to work that out, but I was more interested in the mood and action, and needed to deal with that first.

  3. Great job, Drew! Love it! Best of luck with the next challenge too!

  4. I like very much how the texture of his head--especially his teeth--interacts with the smoke. Looking forward to Drew's drow. And mind flayer (see, that killed the alliterative punch right there.)

  5. Thanks, all. At the risk of being gauche I'm going to paste Kerem, Lars, and Todd's comments here so I don't lose them. Thanks for indulging me.

    Kerem - 46
    Man... I love this. It almost looks like a Liopleurodon with that jaw:) It looks huge. Great composition. It doesn't remind me of an earthquake at all, but I really like the overall painting. I would add some tiny little birds (white dots to be more accurate) escaping this spectacular impact, they would populate your composition and give some sense of scale, and of course some vegetation in those green fields wouldn't hurt.

    Lars Grant-West - 46 also did an excellent job of depicting a creatures that really
    feel massive and fit the initial design constraints. If this were a concept piece I'd need to see the rest of the beast. Remember a concept piece gives artists after you the blueprint to redraw the dragon in a different pose. All told though, what I can see shows very nice design.

    Todd Lockwood - I liked number 46's use of DIRT as the elemental "stuff." Nice, nice head, too. But i wasn't sure what the mechanism for causing earthquakes was.

  6. Hi Drew!

    I follow your works by the Legend of Five Rings Card Game. I really love the Daigotsu illustrations.

    This demon/dragon/monster are amazing too.
    I like the way you worked in the smoke.
    Which program are you used to work?

  7. I normally paint in Photoshop 6. I used CS2 for some texture in this one, mainly in the smoke and dust near the dragon, and to rake the ground. There's also some texture from the pencil sketch showing through.